Colonial Chemical

Chemical Formulating & Chemical Blending:

We have process capabilities to custom formulate and blend liquid chemical products to meet or exceed our customers' product specifications.   We can formulate and produce water-based liquid chemicals and improve your productivity and profit margins.   We can handle our industrial clients needs and follow the most rigorous quality assurance programs.  We have over 40 years of experience, which enables us to achieve high-quality, consistent results to meet or exceed our customers' needs.

Our Formulating and Blending Capabilities:

  • Water-based Chemical Blending
  • Liquid Blending
  • Batches Range from 500 Gallons to 10,000 Gallons
  • Tank Mixers
  • Dedicated Quality Control Team
  • 30+ Tanks in Various Sizes - 1,000 to 12,000 Gallons
  • Laboratory Capabilities from Benchtop to Production
  • Chemical Packaging Services from 2 ounces to Bulk


Chemical Formulating TanksChemical Blending Services

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Chemical Formulating
and Packaging.



Sulfuric Acid

Battery Acid, Electrolyte Battery
Acid and Diluted Sulfuric Acid.



  • Custom Blended
  • Custom Packaged
  • Pb/Acid Batteries
  • Industrial Chemicals


Urea for Stationary DeNOx 
in the Power Generation Industry  
and Large Diesel Generators.


  • Urea Solutions
  • Aqua-Ammonia
  • National Supplier

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Your Reliable, Quality DEF



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