Colonial Chemical

 Custom Chemical Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Custom Manufacture and Formulating
    • More than 40 years of custom manufacturing and formulating experience
    • Skilled technical staff
    • 70,000 gallons of manufacturing blending capacity
    • Hazardous Material Expertise
  • Product Packaging
    • Package liquid products from pints to gallons to drums to totes
    • 6liquid container filling lines
    • 6 Labeling Systems
    • 6 Conveyor Systems
  • Chemical Procurement
    • Excellent connections with domestic and foreign producers for low cost raw materials.
    • Bulk liquid and Railcar receiving capability
    • Excellent relations with transportation companies
    • 30+ Bulkhead Storage Tanks

liquid filling and chemical packaging servicesacidblendingtanksbulk chemical totes

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Chemical Formulating
and Packaging.



Sulfuric Acid

Battery Acid, Electrolyte Battery
Acid and Diluted Sulfuric Acid.



  • Custom Blended
  • Custom Packaged
  • Pb/Acid Batteries
  • Industrial Chemicals


Urea for Stationary DeNOx 
in the Power Generation Industry  
and Large Diesel Generators.


  • Urea Solutions
  • Aqua-Ammonia
  • National Supplier

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Your Reliable, Quality DEF



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