Colonial Chemical

Contract Packaging

Colonial Chemical Company operates household and industrial packaging lines for water based chemical products.  These lines are adaptable to a wide range of container types and label specifications.  The flexible design of the lines permits expedited handling of large volume runs as well as simultaneous processing of multiple independent orders.  We have the capabilites to package materials in container sizes ranging from 2 oz bottles, 5 gallon pails,  275 gallon totes to 5,000 gallon tanker trailers.  

Liquid Packaging Capabilities:

  • Package & Label Liquid Products From 2 Ounce Bottles to 5,000 Gallon Truckload Tankers.
  • 6 Liquid Filling Lines, including: gravity fill and pressure fill
  • 2 Ounce Bottles to 2½ Gallon Bottles
  • 5, 15 & 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon & 330 Gallon Totes
  • 1,000 to 5,000 Gallon Truckload Tankers
  • Bag-In-Box Packaging


Chemical Packaging 2oz Bottle Chemical Packaging 8oz Bottle Chemical Packaging 8oz Container Chemical Packaging 16oz Bottle Chemical Packaging 32oz Bottle Chemical Packaging 32oz Container Chemical Packaging 32 oz Squirt Bottle Chemical Packaging Specialized Bottles Chemical Packaging Specialized Bottles Chemical Packaging Gallon Container Chemical Packaging 2 1/2 Gallon Container Chemical Packaging 5 Gallon Drum Chemical Packaging 55 Gallon Drum Chemical Packaging 275 Gallon Totes Chemical Packaging 5000 Gallon Tankers Chemical Packaging Shrink Wrapped

2oz Bottle

8oz Bottle

8oz Container

16oz Bottle

32oz Bottle

32oz Container

32oz Squirt Bottle

Specialty Bottles

Specialty Bottles

1 Gallon Container

2½ Gallon Container

5 Gallon Drums

55 Gallon Drums

275 Gallon Totes

5,000 Gallon Tanker

Shrink Wrapped Cartons

liquid packaging container


Custom Manufacturing

Custom Chemical Formulating
and Packaging.



Sulfuric Acid

Battery Acid, Electrolyte Battery
Acid and Diluted Sulfuric Acid.



  • Custom Blended
  • Custom Packaged
  • Pb/Acid Batteries
  • Industrial Chemicals


Urea for Stationary DeNOx 
in the Power Generation Industry  
and Large Diesel Generators.


  • Urea Solutions
  • Aqua-Ammonia
  • National Supplier

Diesel Exhaust Fluid


Your Reliable, Quality DEF



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